Spray Foam
and Coating

Spray Foam
and Coating

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EnDiSys provides a variety of Graco plural component impingement guns, including automatic, hand, air purge, and mechanical purge, covering multiple applications which include residential foam insulation, roofing projects, waterproofing, shipbuilding applications, railcar manufacturing, structural steel coatings, tank and pipe coatings.

A full line of gun spare parts are also available.

Fusion® Air Purge

Fusion Air Purge

EnDiSys offers Graco Fusion™ AP guns designed to apply everything from polyurea coatings to polyurethane spray foam, with less maintenance and downtime. These guns boast features other guns lack, including an advanced mix module and tip design, solvent-resistant components and o-rings, and a Quick-Shot grease port.

Fusion® Clear Shot

Fusion Clear Shot

EnDiSys offers Graco ClearShot technology in the Fusion CS gun that eliminates drilling of the mix chamber, which increases spraying uptime and reduces maintenance downtime. This gun is flexible for polyurea and foam applications, and features a disposable ClearShot liquid cartridge that dispenses liquid into the mix chamber and dissolves built-up chemical with every trigger pull.

Fusion® Mechanical

Fusion Mechanical

EnDiSys offers the Graco Fusion MP that handles everything from very low-output, thin mil applications to large, high-flow, high-output applications with a simple change of the mix module and tip. This gun provides superior mixing, smoother finish and better atomization, with the widest range of flow rates.

Probler P2 & (Elite)

Probler P2

EnDiSys offers the Graco Probler P2 plural component spray gun that features a light, ergonomic design for maneuverability and spraying in difficult positions. This gun is low maintenance; the P2 anti-crossover design virtually eliminates the possibility of material entering the air piston. The P2 has a mix chamber insert that can be replaced without replacing the entire chamber.

Fusion® EL

Fusion EL

EnDiSys offers the Fusion EL, an air purge Fusion gun converted to utilize an electric signal to communicate with the Graco Reactor® IP, HFR, and HVR systems, and the EnDiSys Time Shot systems. This gun provides a highly functional, low-maintenance option for your in-plant pour foam needs. The Fusion EL includes a standard Fusion fluid head, and a push-to-connect adaptor for tubing.

EnDiSys provides spray guns to fit any application. Contact EnDiSys for complete information.

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