Spray Systems

Spray Systems

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Spray systems designed specifically for field marking, line striping, fine finish, texture, paint spraying, and roof coating contractors.

Spray Systems from Graco sold by EnDiSys a top 20 distributor perfecting custom engineering, service and support.


Graco LineLazers

The preferred line stripers for professional contractors who demand unmatched power.

The LineLazer family of stripers has constantly been improved to meet the changing needs of the pavement marking industry, each time delivering substantial benefits to the professional striping contractor. The LineLazer System continues the tradition of delivering innovation and performance, creating an unmatched family of stripers. You can take pride in the fact that Graco stripers are designed, manufactured, and assembled right here in the United States of America.


Graco RoadLazers

Graco RoadLazer striping equipment is for the professional road striping contractor. Both models of the RoadLazer are designed for a one person operation. Select from two models:

The RoadPak System offers high productivity, airless striping, and accurate lines. The double acting bead spray gun has better on/off control which eliminates chattering over competitor guns.

The RoadLazer RoadPak is a tow-behind striping system which gives you more room for paint supplies and equipment. Choose from one or two RoadPak pumps for one color or two color applications. Our hitches have a patented design making them a part of the vehicle. This design allows for straighter lines and smooth transitions into curves.

Our striping equipment offers long life and low maintenance. Learn more about the specific features of each of the RoadLazer striping models to determine which machine fits your needs and project size.


Graco ThermoLazers

Thermoplastic material is known for its reflective and long lasting properties, and is used by contractors for striping roads and parking lots. Graco has three models of ThermoLazer thermoplastic stripers:

The ThermoLazer 200TC is portable and easy to use. Perfect for smaller thermoplastic jobs.

The ThermoLazer 300TC is easy to maneuver, and extremely productive with a 300 lb. material kettle allowing for more striping time.

The ThermoLazer ProMelt is a patent pending system – the world’s first fast melt on-board thermoplastic striper. Imagine melting 300 lbs. of thermoplastic material in less than an hour!

Professional contractors choose Graco stripers for their dependability, high performance, and quality results.


Graco FieldLazers

FieldLazer field marking machines have been recognized worldwide by sports turf maintenance professionals for delivering brighter, longer-lasting lines with less paint. Graco offers an assortment of marking and striping equipment designed for your specific needs:

All-in-one stand-on self-propelled marking machines

Walk-behind models with ride-on attachment

Complete all-in-one airless field markers

Dedicated walk-behind field marking and parking lot stripers

High pressure battery powered marking machines

All equipment delivers razor sharp lines, coats both sides of the grass blades, and uses Graco’s high-pressure airless paint spray technology.


Graco Grinders

Line Removal - Scarifier Systems

Equipment for the line removal, inlay grooving and surface leveling needs of professional striping contractors


Graco Gas-Mechanical Airless Sprayers

Airless Spray for Uniform Coverage

Airless spray atomizes, or breaks up fluid into small droplets without the use of compressed air. In an airless system, fluid is pumped under high pressure through a spray tip. The tip size and pressure is what determines the material flow rate. The tip also creates the fan pattern. In contrast, air spray systems inject compressed air into the fluid stream of paint to achieve atomization.

Airless spraying allows you to:
• Finish jobs quicker
-- Finish within short weather windows
-- Stay on a job site from start to finish, saving set-up labor
• Complete more jobs with less labor (fewer people headaches)
• Provide a consistent mil build so coatings perform better
• Apply a smooth quality finish


Graco Gas-Hydraulic Sprayers

When your spraying needs require maximum performance and versatility.

For 30 years, contractors have turned to the GH line of gas hydraulic sprayers when they needed maximum performance and unmatched versatility. The tradition continues with the all new line of GH Big Rig sprayers. Equipped with exclusive QuikChange Lowers, each Big Rig sprayer can easily be customized for each coating, eliminating the need to purchase additional rigs.


Graco Texture Sprayers

Built for you in both Standard and ProContractor Series.

When your job requires maximum productivity and versatility, turn to the all new TexSpray™ sprayers to get the job done—fast! Designed to save time and money by enabling you to spray more square footage in a day, these units offer valuable, musthave features for the serious professional contractor.


Graco Big Rigs & Roof Rigs

Designed to provide powerful pressure and outstanding coverage.

Big Rig gas hydraulic airless sprayers provide powerful pressure and flow rate, and the portable gas mechanical Roof Rig sprayer goes anywhere the job demands.

For accessory questions, assistance in selecting the best options or custom needs, contact EnDiSys.

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