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Fusion Spray Gun Breakdowns

These exploded views offer an easier and complete way to find what parts are required and help in general assembly, replacement, and purchase of fusion gun parts.

These clickable exploded part breakdowns of the Air Purge Fusion Spray Gun, Mechanical Purge Fusion Spray Gun and the ClearShot Fusion Spray Gun show each individual gun part numbers, a description of the part and kits they are included in.

If you prefer to view the full breakdown all at once, or want specific information here are the detailed PDFs and full breakdowns for each gun.

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EnDiSys Fusion Gun Detail Views

Exploded views of each type of gun simplify the ordering process.

Simply click on the gun part in the picture for the part number and description.

Menu Help:

Select gun, in orange, on left side menu for exploded part detail. Component exploded views are indicated by Arrow.

Air Purge Fusion Gun

Air Purge Fusion Gun
Please visit this page with a larger screen size to view the fusion gun breakdown!
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