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Detail Rigs

[Pavement Marking]

EnDiSys offers standard single and two-color plural component Detail Rigs for stenciling and marking that are designed to provide maximum flexibility and maneuverability wherever stenciling and detailing work is required. Multiple colors beyond the two-color system can be designed to fit specific needs. 30-ft material hoses are standard with the option to upgrade to 50-ft material hoses.

EnDiSys Detail Rigs are built to use either Graco Fusion Air-Purge or Graco Static Mix Fusion™ guns, but customized systems are available. EnDiSys will design the best system for the application.

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Detail Rigs

Detail Rigs

This 2k Detail Rig is a plural component, self-contained message system for applying epoxies and polyureas. The closed loop, electrically controlled material hose and heated tanks provide highly accurate and quick response The system reaches ready-to-paint temperatures in minutes.

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Contact EnDiSys for additional information, or to work on a custom design.

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