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[Spray Foam & Coatings Equipment]

EnDiSys provides multiple configurations of proportioners, including variable, fixed, and any non-standard ratio, according to customer needs. EnDiSys designs proportioners with advanced features for optimal function and usability. EnDiSys engineers can develop proportioners based on specific mix ratios and material viscosities to conform to any application, including the following.

Polyurethane Foam

Wall insulation

Tank and pipe coating

Roof insulation

In-plant OEM

Rim and band joist


Concrete joint filling

Portable water

Truck bedliners

Adhesives and caulks

Marine and shipbuilding

Wastewater treatment

Secondary containment


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Graco Reactors™

EnDiSys offers Graco Reactors™ that provide total control for medium- to high-output foam or coatings applications. Reactors are equipped with material data and system diagnostics; advanced features provide longer equipment life and overall reliability. Models available include: air, electric and hydraulic.

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EnDiSys offers entry-level units designed for rigid and flexible in-plant foam applications. Engineered for accuracy in pouring, these units include advanced controls and technologies, and offer easy start-up, shutdown, and cleanup.

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EnDiSys offers Graco XM plural-component sprayers that have flexibility in system design and cost options. Items such as heaters, feed pumps or hoppers are optional. The XM is intuitive and simple to use with user interface that monitors and tracks pressure, temperature, and flow. The XM also features advanced dosing technology for precise mixing. Ideally suited for marine, bridge, rail, and wind energy applications.

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EnDiSys offers an easy-to-use high-pressure sprayer for industrial coatings; this sprayer is designed to pump, mix, and atomize high-viscosity materials with excellent results. This system handles environmentally friendly high solids coatings with little or no solvent, hybrid polyurethanes, epoxies, and more. A smart alternative to hand mixing.

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EnDiSys offers XtremeMix with jobsite portability, on-demand mixing, and built-in data reporting. The XtremeMix includes an advanced metering system with on-board diagnostics and auto shutdown to prevent off-ratio spraying.

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A full line of proportioner accessories is also available, including heated hoses for more higher viscosity materials.

EnDiSys provides proportioning equipment to fit exact needs. Contact EnDiSys for complete information.

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