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Graco RoadLazer RoadPaks
Striping System

One person professional contractor road striping system

[Contractor Equipment]

Graco RoadLazer striping equipment is for the professional road striping contractor. Both models of the RoadLazer are designed for a one person operation. Select from two models:

The RoadPak System offers high productivity, airless striping, and accurate lines. The double acting bead spray gun has better on/off control which eliminates chattering over competitor guns.

The RoadLazer RoadPak is a tow-behind striping system which gives you more room for paint supplies and equipment. Choose from one or two RoadPak pumps for one color or two color applications. Our hitches have a patented design making them a part of the vehicle. This design allows for straighter lines and smooth transitions into curves.

Our striping equipment offers long life and low maintenance. Learn more about the specific features of each of the RoadLazer striping models to determine which machine fits your needs and project size.

EnDiSys offers a complete line of contractor equipment.

RoadLazer RoadPak System Informational Brochure

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Graco RoadPak System
24G624 1 Gun
24G625 2 Gun

Modular, One Person Operation Road Striping System
Gain truck independence and more room for hauling paint and beads with the RoadLazer RoadPak Tow-Behind System

The new RoadLazer RoadPak Tow-Behind System provides more room for hauling paint and beads in the truck bed during the striping season, and truck independence throughout the off-season, with focus around simple and convenient set-up, operation, transportation, and storing of the system.

  • 4 Ready to stripe RoadLazer RoadPak Tow-Behind Systems
  • Modular striping system offers unlimited striping possibilities
  • 1 or 2 pump RoadPak for superior performance and crisp, clean stripes
  • Optional RoadView Camera System for optimum forward viewing and alignment from the cab for one person striping


  • Dual Hitch System – Patented design makes the hitches part of the striping vehicle, tracking with the truck, not behind it, delivering straighter lines and smooth transitions into curves.
  • 1 or 2-Pump – Flexibility for those needing only 1-color or striping contractors who are growing into 2-color applications where it’s easy to switch between yellow and white stripes with a twist of a lever.
  • Endurance™ Piston Pump System – Graco pumps have delivered excellent results in pumping striping paint for over 20 years.
  • Bead Tank – 450 lb (204 kg) bead capacity.
  • Adjustable Bead Deflector – The finger-adjustable bead deflector allows you to set the bead pattern to the exact width needed for the job (optional).


  • 24M143 - Tow-Behind 1-Pump - Options #1
    • 1-Pump RoadPak
    • 1-Pump Gun Arm
    • Adjustable Gun Arm Beam
    • Skip Line Control Box
    • Simple Guide System
    • Trailer
    • Dual Hitch Receivers
    • Mounting Parts
  • 24M144 - Tow-Behind 2-Pump - Options #2
    • 2-Pump RoadPak
    • 2-Pump Gun Arm
    • Adjustable Gun Arm Beam
    • Skip Line Control Box
    • Simple Guide System
    • Trailer
    • Dual Hitch Receivers
    • Mounting Parts
  • 16N437 - Tow-Behind 1-Pump - Options #3
    • Option #1 plus RoadView Camera System
  • 16N438 - Tow-Behind 2-Pump - Option #4
    • Option #2 plus RoadView Camera System
  • 24M200 - RoadLazer RoadPak Trailer - Option #5
    • Trailer
    • Dual Hitch Receivers
    • Mounting Parts

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